Saturday, January 22, 2011

Turkey. Istanbul: mussles, kitties and Turks

So, where were we? Ah, right - drunk at the Turkish border, having beers and jumping on a king size hotel bed (that's how rock stars\super cool travellers should act, right?). So, Thursday morning greeted us with huge hangovers. Luckly, our bulgarian friend took us to the border as he promised last night.
So we crossed the border at a perfect time (around noon) and only waited for about an hour for a ride to the first bigger city (Edirne). 
We got a ride by 2 Turks with a van/ marshrutka who did not speak any language that either of us know. So they let us in the very center of Edirne, at a bus station where busses to Istanbul go because they only understood that we want to get there.
So, we were walking out of the city, swearing on them and on hangover and on all the hills and basically on whole life when we met those guys again. This time we managed to explain to them that we were going by hitchhiking. Apparently, they were also heading to Istambul in one hour!!
They took us for a lunch and put us and our backpack in the back of the van  (where different goods usually are being carried) and the ride began. In 20 km they decided to take a siesta and slept for about 40 min. and after that - another stop for tea...(p.s. Andy got "upgraded" and got to sit with the guys in the front on a chair, while Inga continued lying in her sleeping bag in the back of the marshrutka).
Anyways, we reached Istambul and Sarka's place, had some delicious Czech-made Turkish food and some beers and a good night sleep.
Friday. Woke up at noon, had a nice walk around Istanbul, almost adopted super cute kitty,  later had a fun night of fun (although booze is super duper expensive here!!), got ripped off by some little mother f---er when we were buying mussles from him in the middle of the night...
Saturday. Got home at 4.30 AM, so woke up around 3 PM. had delicious chicken kebab and ayran for brunch, and plan for the night - Czech vodka on the seaside.
Leaving on Sunday. TBC.

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