Monday, January 10, 2011

Leaving today!

Hello our dear friends and followers!
Today we leave on our journey across eastern europe, from Lithuania to Georgia.
Christmas and New Year have been wonderful here in Lithuania, but now we must set out and thumb our way across frozen (but not so cold now!) Europe, to Georgia.

Due to circumstances, we have been unable to start from Klaipeda as we originally intended, we're going to start straight from Vilnius instead.
Our penguin friend, Quickfoot Freshherring, has gotten all his bags packed and is impatiently waiting for us to get our things in order so we can get going and make it to Warsaw by the evening.

So, this is all for now, we shall try our best to keep everyone updated and Quickfoot will be taking plenty of photos and giving us insights along the way so be sure to check back often to keep up to date!

Andrew and Inga and Quickfoot,
The Thumbs4penguins team.