Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Warsaw and Why we love latvians

Hey everyone,

Quickfoot and his team were not so quick as expected: it took us 2 days to reach the capital of Poland. Short summary of our first days. 
Monday. It took us about 2 hours to get a ride from Vilnius. Then we got stuck in the very beginning of Kaunas. But 2 friendly guys gave us a ride for few km and we got stuck. AGAIN. At that point it already got dark. But after about 1.5 hour of waiting on the roadside, latvian truck stopped and brought us to the border. Here no luck again and in the end of the day we found ourselves in some truckstop hotel. 60 zloty for a bed and good night sleep. (Althought we stayed in 2 person room, but booked only one bed, so it was kinda forbidden to use another one. Strange but funny). 

Tuesday. Freezing at a border again. Got a lift for few km from Lithuanian emigrants (they were going to Spain for work) in Georgian style: 4 people squeezed in back of a car, backpacks on laps..But car started to show sign of breaking down, so we were left on the roadside after about 10 km. Another hour near random truck stop and sweet latvian couple stops: they are going straight to Warsaw!! Lots of talking about Lithuania, USA, Georgia, hitchhiking and couchsurfing in general, gulash and ice cream.. In 4 hours w've reached Warsaw. Finally. Misha took us to Karolina's place: dinner, beer, zubrovka...Small "foreign georgians" reunion.
Wednesday. We still in Warsaw: tea and internets at the moment, sight seeing later. Tomorrow thumbs up for Krakow!

We'll keep you updated!

by Inga, Andrew and Quickfoot. 

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