Friday, December 3, 2010

Penguins: "Sun Is Killing Us!"

As is documented, there is a great amount of change happening in the climate and it will have profound effects on the creatures that live in the polar regions of the planet.
In the case of penguins, it will mean mass dying off and endangerment of the species.
Some of the main problems are destruction of their habitat, since the ice in the polar regions is getting smaller and thinner every year, the penguins have to swim further for food, causing them to be more susceptible to being eaten by sea lions and whales, and also malnutrition, since they must expend more energy into finding food.
Also, since it is getting warmer in these areas, the penguins are more likely to get sunburned and overheated from the increased sun. This is also a massive problem for chicks, as they do not have many feathers or fat to be able to protect them. They will also spend more time in the water trying to stay cool, thus making them more likely to be targeted by predators and spending more energy then is normal for them.
Heat and hunger stress also make it much more difficult for them to reproduce since they are spending more of their time dealing with the much more important, basic, survival issues.

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  1. Actually, I'm quite worried about the penguins, as it's my favorite meat to eat.

  2. That's why you have to support us. To save your meal.