Wednesday, December 15, 2010


More than a week ago we posted bunch of messages in forums: cities and countries that we'll be passing. (in Brno our post began long discussion about enviromental issues, CS values etc...:)

And right now (thanks to fellow couchsurfers) we can expect couch in Nis, Serbia (Nenad, we are coming!!), Plovdiv and Kardjali in Bulgaria, maybe in Istambul.

And of course – visiting dear EVS friends Karolina, Misha and Klarka (Warsaw, Krakow and Brno) – is a must.

The exact start date and whole itinerary is not quite clear yet: Inga is changing her passport at the moment, it should be done until the 6th of January (the latest). But Andrew will be in Lithuania next Tuesday (21st) , so we will start working on exact dates...Hitchiking in winter is a bit more complicated – you need to plan everything more carefully, if you do not wish to freeze your ass outside during the night.

Sleeping bags, warm clothes, gloves, hats, coats – everything is being bought/prepared at the moment.

So, that would be for today. Don't get cold, (Vilnius is freezing – around -16 at the moment; +10 in Tbilisi)and wait for new updates!!

Inga and Andrew


  1. It's awesome how you guys write both in the 3rd person and first person plural. And by awesome I mean trippy.

    And whoever named "Brno" needs to be shot if he wasn't already during WWII.

  2. Brno is a city in Czech Republic, you silly american :)
    And trippy writing for the trip stories is da best :P


  3. Hey, Warsaw waits for you! Apple pie is almost in an oven! Vodka in a freezer!

  4. Hey hey hey!! don't forget about Marzena in Krakow! :D