Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Route

The route of our arduous journey will take us from Vilnius, Lithuania, through Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey, to our final destination, Tbilisi, Georgia. The break-down of our route and distances is as follows:

Vilnius-Klaipeda 309km
Klaipeda-Kaunas 215km
Kaunas-Warsaw 617km
Warsaw-Krakow 293km
Krakow-Brno 350km
Brno-Bratislava 129km
Bratislava-Budapest 201km
Budapest-Novi Sad 294km
Novi Sad-Nis 324km
Nis-Sofia 316km
Sofia-Istanbul 580km
Istanbul-Trabazon 1071km
Trabazon-Sarpi 163km
Sarpi-Tbilisi 400km
For a grand total of 5262 kilometers!
Keep coming back often for more updates as we finalize our plans!

Inga and Andrew, the Thumbs 4 Penguins team

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