Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mission statement for Thumbs for Penguins

January, the coldest time of the year in the Northern hemisphere. An intercontinental expedition of 2 representatives, from the USA and EU, are hitchhiking through frozen Europe just with one purpose: to encourage people to pay attention to global warming and save penguins from extinction.
"We've decided to devote ourselves to this exhausting journey for the sake of penguins, our little non-flying brothers. They are on the verge of ruin because of human-caused pollution and global warming. Instead of traveling comfortably in an airplane, we will go whole distance without using extra petrol or diesel. I think all of us still remember that brave little penguin who got lost in the ocean and swam 5000 km from the strait of Magellan to Peru's Paracas national reserve (, And if he did it - we can too!",- the team, Andrew Perdue (USA) and Inga Popovaite (EU) addressing the people, before starting their epic journey from Museum of Sea in Klaipeda, Western Lithuania, to the Zoo in Tbilisi, Georgia (this Zoo symbolizing liberty and independence of all the non-flying birds, as there are no penguins in confinement)

Follow the epic journey of two brave penguinologists starting 5th of January 2011 right here.

*In a memory of Gustav, the traveling donkey

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